"Prosperity always inflates the imprudent, and worldly peace weakens the vigor of the soul." - Peter Abelard

Thursday, July 28, 2011


The triumphant journalist.

I thought I'd switch things up a little bit today, and talk about a personal experience instead of just re-posting an article I'd already written.

In my experience, being an intern at GateHouse Media is mostly a slog - budget meetings, interviews, writing stories, editing stories, decoding the office argot,  sitting at your cubicle pretending to work, spinning around aimlessly in your office chair - all that difficult stuff.

What makes this job ultimately pretty cool is the unexpected little moments of insight or surprise that break up the monotony. I had one of these moments earlier this morning.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my editor at the Dedham Transcript/Norwood Bulletin, Andrea Salisbury, approaching the intern cubicles. Usually, this means that she's coming over to give me edits or a new story assignment - not necessarily bad things - but work nonetheless.

Then, I noticed something odd. Andrea appeared to be holding a floral greeting card.

I adopted what I think was a look of cautious optimism, but may have resembled one of constipation

"In all my years at The Transcript," said Andrea, "I've only ever had two thank-you notes from readers. This is the second."

I laughed.

Turns out, I had a big fan. Sean Roche, who was a source for my story about wild turkeys run amok in Dedham's Harmony Hill neighborhood, graciously decided to thank me personally.

His note reads:

To the staff at the Dedham Transcript, the residents of Harmony Hill in Dedham offer our deepest thanks, for your generous help with our turkey problem. The turkey's (sic) are still here, the Animal Rescue League came, (we're sure thanks to you), and Animal Control is on board with a plan. Many thanks. - - Sean Patrick Roche

Although it was assuredly not my muck-raking-est story, I was delighted to hear that something I had written had improved the lives of the people on this street.

Andrea told me that I should keep the note, and I plan to display it somewhere prominent. 

Changing the world, one turkey article at a time.

The note.


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