"Prosperity always inflates the imprudent, and worldly peace weakens the vigor of the soul." - Peter Abelard

Selected Clips

Collected below is a select group of what I consider to be some of my best work. I've also tried to assemble work that represents the wide variety of articles I've written. If you are interested in any other articles I've written, please go here.

  • These two articles drew a tremendous amount of reader attention, and were written after extensive interviews with lawyers, police officers, and business owners. I also used court records dug up through research, and personally took photographs for these stories. These stories were also picked up by WCVB, a Boston TV station, where it generated even more reader reaction.
2. "Foam-Covered Kids Enjoy Norwood Tradition" - 22 July 2011, The Norwood Transcript and Bulletin.
  • This "slice-of-life" summer story ran on the front page of The Norwood Transcript.
3. "Wellesley Student Reaches 20,000 From Attic" - 23 June 2011, The Wellesley Townsman.
  • This profile of up-and-coming 15-year-old DJ Chris Herlihy garnered substantial reader accolades, and Herlihy has since seen his star rise considerably.
4. "Longfellow Pond, Wellesley Industry, and A Mysterious Gravestone" - 18 Aug. 2011, The Wellesley Townsman.
  • I reported and photographed this investigative/historical story about a little-known part of Wellesley's past, which featured interviews with several local historians.
5. "Behind Bars: Dedham Cops Jail Citizens For Charity"- 4 Aug. 2011, The Dedham Transcript.
  • This was a comedic feature that I wrote and photographed about a charity fundraiser thrown by Dedham police officers.
6. "How Does Wellesley Handle All Those Coins From Parking Meters?"- 4 Aug. 2011, The Wellesley Townsman.
  • This was a PSJ (public service journalism) story that I wrote and photographed about how the Town of Wellesley collected money from meters, who was responsible, how much was collected, and what the whole process consisted of. 
7. "Almost Half of Students In Triples Opt To Keep Rooms" - 8 Nov. 2010, The American University Eagle.
  • This was a news story about students in triple rooms that I wrote for my university's campus newspaper.